Being Thrifty & Frugal Traveler…

The myth is going on a holiday is expensive. Depends on how you approach it, you can make a holiday affordable. I consider myself a thrifty and frugal traveler and this is how I have done it.

  • Plan well ahead. For an overseas trip, I would normally plan 1 year in advance so I could save enough $$$ for the trip.
  • Avoid group tour. Independent travel is the way to go for me. It is more flexible and I can plan my own itinerary according to places and things I want to do.
  • Travel during shoulder season. The airfare and hotels are cheaper. There will be less crowd and queues will be shorter.
  • Stay in hostels/camps/guest house. I don’t need the luxury facilities at a 4-star hotels because most of the time I will be out sightseeing. What I need is a place to rest, a bed to sleep, a shower I can go to freshen up before I am out sightseeing again. I would also look out for hostels with kitchen facilities so I could prepare some meals.
  • Limit eating out. I would normally eat out 1 meal a day and prepare my other meal such as sandwiches and pasta at the hostel.  I could easily buy bread, eggs, milk, pasta, fruits and vegetables at the local groceries shop.
  • Research on attractions. The internet is my best friend and I use them a lot in my research for special offers. I always use the search engine and type “free things to do in …..”. I would also go to the attraction website to find out the entrance fee and if they offer free entrance on certain time or day. The tourism website also provides much information.   
  • Research on transportation options. If I am going to move a lot I will find out and make comparison on the transportation options. Decision and choice would not only depend on costs but also flexibility in my itinerary.
  • Walking.  It is free! This is still the best way to explore and get close to the sights and attractions in the city.

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