Paris in memory…

In 2003, we spent 10 days to explore and see the best of Paris. Paris is indeed a beautiful city day and night.

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These are incidents that is still fresh in my memory….

In a city that is throng with tourists like Paris, you will need a lot of patience as the queue to some of the main attractions can be very long. When we were queuing to buy tickets for Eiffel Tower, there were not less than 100 people in front of us. Then we were saved by the rain…hahha!. Other visitors had run for cover, but we were prepared with rain jacket and had stayed on. Suddenly, there were less than 15 people in front of us, we braved the rain and got our tickets in less than 30 minutes. I guess we were lucky. But even you had to queue for 1 – 2 hours; it will be all worth it. To go up on one of the man-made wonders of the world is one thing; the view from the top was just breathtaking.

Cruising on the river Seine also gives you a different perspective of Paris. We took the day cruise. The cruise last for about 90 minutes. But be warned when the boat goes under the bridge, there were teenagers throwing flour onto the visitors in the boat. Depends on how you take it, but we were annoyed but at the same time chuckles on the incident. Another incident that had stick to my memory is when the boat make a U-turn at a tiny island called Ile des Cygne. This is how we first found out that the mini version of the Statue of Liberty existed in Paris. We were overly excited and rushed to take photos. It was a daunting task because the boat is making a U-turn and suddenly the statue was already on your wrong side, so we had to keep repositioning ourselves for the photo shoot.

Paris has many parks. When the sun shines, it’s a nice place to have a picnic and watch how the Parisian enjoys their summer. We spent for about 3 hours at Jardin du Luxemborg; met a French guy who speaks English, so finally we had a good conversation without sign language with a local, had a wonderful ice cream (though not as good as the one at Berthillon…hu2), watched a game of chess and feed the pigeons with Granola (our favourite snack that we carry along when travelling).

There is also a good chance when you are in Paris, the public transportation service is reduced due to worker’s strike. We were unfortunate that on the day we planned to go to Disneyland, there was only limited train service available. At the train station platform, there was no display on the next train. However, there was announcement in French informing passengers the destination of each train. It seems in France, each platform can service multiple destinations. We totally haven’t got a clue which train to take. We missed the first available train to Marne La Vallee and start arguing with each other. Then, Mr nice guy seeing that we were confused and frustrated came and inform us the next two train will be the train to Disneyland. The train was packed. We could not wait for another train because may be there is no Mr nice guy who speaks English to tell us which train is going to Disneyland. We squeezed into the train and I could hardly breathe. But we did arrive at Marne La Vallee in one piece to fulfill our childhood dream going to Disneyland.     

Paris will always be one of my favourite city destination.

2 thoughts on “Paris in memory…

  1. enjoy the view and scene so much… and thanks for the strikes (even though we don’t like it) but we manage to get to know well Paris road with walking through it.. ekekeke…

    • Yes the strike was a blessing in disguise, we came across so many things that we would have not plan to go and see…well not in our priority list. Even after 9 years, they are fresh in my memory.

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